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These are the Winners of 2018

1st: Maoz Ben-Ari


Technology-guided triage: a novel field-use monitor prioritizing medical care and evacuation in casualties to save lives.

2nd: Claudiu Leverenz


Munevo DRIVE is a Smartglass application that enables people with disabilities to be mobile and independent.

3rd: Thierry Lamidieu


INERGYS solutions generate renewable electricity, like our Green Pack integrating an efficient urban wind turbine with photovoltaic panels.

CER Judging Panel

Ilja Gorelik
Ilja Gorelik

Ilja Gorelik lives in Berlin, runs several successful businesses and actively angel invests in few European promising startups. With vast knowledge in Telecommunications and technical product development he contributed to the success of several disruptive Telecom and Social startups recognized within the most fast growing in the industry.

Pinchas Goldschmidt
Pinchas Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt is President of CER, The Conference of European Rabbis, and Chief Rabbi of Moscow. Elected CER’s President in July 2011, the fourth President of CER in 54 years, he is the first to hold the post outside Western Europe.

Goldschmidt is the spiritual leader of the Moscow Choral Synagogue, the head of the Rabbinical court of the (CIS) Commonwealth of Independent States and is an officer of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). Goldschmidt represents the Russian Jewish community politically as well.

Leonid Solovyev
Leonid Solovyev

Mr. Solovyev is COO at Global Advisors LLC (DST Global) Mr. Solovyev joined FD Russia & CIS in 2006 and has led the Moscow-based regional practice since 2007.

Leonid is a strategic thinker, team driver and strong leader. He sees further than anybody else and has complex global approach in strategy communications development.

The Conference of European Rabbis

- founded in 1956 -

The Conference of European Rabbis (CER) is the primary rabbinical alliance in Europe uniting 700 mainstream synagogue communities in Europe and was founded in 1956 to revive destroyed European Jewish communities by British Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie supported by the Chief Rabbis of France, Jacob Kaplan, Amsterdam, Aharon Schuster and the British Sephardic spiritual leader, Hacham Gaon. The first conference took place in 1957 in Amsterdam.

Religious Rights of Jews in Europe

CER defends the religious rights of Jews in Europe, and has become the voice of Judaism for the European continent. It has been involved in defending the rights of Jews to slaughter animals according to Jewish law and for Jews to circumcise their children. CER also functions as a collegial rabbinical authority, certifying the validity of conversions & kashruth and other rabbinical legal decisions. CER has helped facilitate communities with problems including Kashrut, conversion, divorce, Rabbinical recruitment, and others.

Members Standing Committee

The supreme governing body of the Conference of European Rabbis is its Standing Committee which meets in a major European city twice a year to conduct internal deliberations, Jewish community visits and political meetings with government leaders and officials. The Standing Committee members are Chief Rabbis of European countries and its most important cities along with the senior rabbinical judges. The general convention of the Rabbinate convenes once every two years to discuss matters of great importance to the global Jewish community.

Conference Leadership


Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt
Moscow, Russia

Associate President

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
London, United Kingdom

Chairman of the Standing Committee

Dayan Menachem Gelley
London, United Kingdom

1st Vice President

Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia
Paris, France

Chairman of the Board of Patrons

Boris Mints
United Kingdom

1st Vice Chairman of the Board of Patrons

Joelle Aflalo

Vice Chairman of the Board of Patrons

Bart Van de Kamp

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